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International Banking

Anyone who plans to live overseas, travels extensively or wishes to look outside of their ‘home’ country for banking or investment opportunities should consider the potential benefits of International Banking.




What’s included

EAC can help you and your company obtain International Banking in extensive jurisdictions, so don’t delay it may be a very wise move for the future.

Unlock global financial opportunities with EAC’s International Banking services:

  • Worldwide Access: Manage your finances from anywhere in the world with seamless global accessibility.
  • Diverse Jurisdictions: Explore extensive jurisdictions for personalized banking solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Individuals and Businesses: Tailored services for individuals and businesses, ensuring flexibility and global financial expansion.
  • Expert Guidance: Rely on our experienced team for expert guidance in navigating international financial complexities.
  • Strategic Investments: Capitalize on strategic investment opportunities across borders, diversifying your portfolio for growth.

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At EACBS, we understand the importance of having a reliable business bank account for effective financial management. Explore our Banking Partners for a simplified process to choose the perfect business bank account tailored to your specific needs. If you own a company, simply import it into our Company Manager to unlock complimentary banking services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why might I need International Banking?

International Banking offers several advantages for individuals and businesses with global connections:

  • Accessibility: Manage finances seamlessly across borders, regardless of your residence or travel schedule.
  • Investment Opportunities: Access diverse investment options unavailable in your home country, potentially yielding higher returns.
  • Currency Protection: Minimize the impact of fluctuating exchange rates on your finances.
  • Enhanced Security: Benefit from the robust financial regulations and infrastructure of established international banks.
What jurisdictions does EAC help with for International Banking?

EAC boasts extensive expertise in assisting clients with opening international bank accounts in a wide range of jurisdictions. Some popular options include:

  • Europe: Cyprus, Spain, UK (including offshore options)
  • North America: Delaware (USA)
  • Offshore Centers: Belize, Seychelles, BVI

    We actively research and partner with reliable international banks, ensuring you access the best options for your specific needs.

    Is there a minimum investment required for International Banking with EAC?

    No, there is no minimum investment requirement for utilizing EAC’s International Banking services. We understand that individual needs and financial goals vary, and we tailor our assistance accordingly. However, specific banks may have their own minimum deposit requirements for opening accounts.

    What is the £195 fee for?

    The £195 fee covers EAC’s initial consultation and guidance service for International Banking. This includes:

    • Assessing your individual needs and objectives.
    • Recommending suitable international banking jurisdictions and institutions.
    • Providing information on account opening procedures and documentation requirements.
    • Assisting with initial contact and communication with the chosen bank.

    Remember, this fee is for the initial guidance stage only. Additional fees may apply depending on the chosen bank and specific services required, such as account maintenance or legal support.