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MLC Data Form

Please complete the form below and upload the requested identification in order for you to be compliant.

Name of the EAC account Holder/User
The section below will enable you to securely upload identification documents (i.e passport or driving license) and a utility bill (i.e. electric, gas, council tax) to confirm proof of YOU the users CURRENT ADDRESS in the UK or overseas. THIS TOO applies to all DIRECTORS/OFFICERS and BENEFICIAL OWNERS of the company of interest. If you are an Accountant or Solicitor who is regulated please provide us with a copy of your certificate and number. NOTE: If you have already supplied your Identification please only provide the I.D for the OFFICERS of the company of interest.
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Max. file size: 128 MB.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is it necessary to provide EAC with our identification?

    Providing identification helps EAC ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This includes verifying the identity of the account holder, directors, officers, and beneficial owners of the company. It also helps to confirm the current address of the users in the UK or overseas, as well as to validate the identity of regulated accountants or solicitors.

    What documents are required for the Company Compliance Form?

    You are required to upload identification documents such as a passport or driving license, along with a utility bill (electric, gas, council tax) as proof of your current address. Additionally, if you are an accountant or solicitor regulated by a professional body, please provide a copy of your certificate and registration number.

    Why does EAC need information about the company and its directors/shareholders?

    EAC requires information about the company, including its name, registration number, and primary industry, to maintain accurate records and ensure compliance. Similarly, details about the company directors and shareholders are necessary to verify their roles within the company and to fulfill regulatory obligations.