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Guaranteed Bank Accounts

Welcome to our hassle-free banking solution designed for individuals and businesses facing difficulties in opening traditional accounts. Our Guaranteed Bank Accounts cater to limited companies, partnerships, LLPs, sole traders, personal accounts, and non/new residents.




What’s included

Limited companies

Partnerships LLP’s

Sole traders

Personal accounts

Non/New Resident

Banking Solution’s for clients who have difficulty in opening business accounts.

CCJ’s, arrears, IVA , defaults, & bankruptcy we can Help.

Just Order your new 100 % GUARANTEED BANK ACCOUNT and one of our account specialists will arrange everything else.

You will not be required to make an appointment — and its as easy as that.

NOTE:  Our Guaranteed Banking can also be ordered for £79  if you choose to register your Company using our COMPANY FORMATION SERVICE  but if you prefer not to register a company please Buy from our Store.

We believe in simple business banking:

100% guaranteed acceptance*

No credit checks

A simple one-off annual account fee

No monthly fees, hidden charges, penalties or interest

The hassle-free alternative to High Street Banking

This award winning Business Account works in the same way as a high street Business Bank Account, except at a fraction of the cost!

Send and receive bank transfers and pay in cash for free

Set up Direct Debits and Standing Orders for free

The account will be in your business’ name

Register the account for Merchant Services & with HMRC

Can I run this as my main business account?

Yes – It does everything but accept cheques!

You will be able to invoice clients in your business’ name, with your business name also being displayed on the Gold Business MasterCard ® that comes with the account.

You will be able to send and receive bank transfers, pay in cash in real time at over 14,000 locations across the UK and set up standing orders & direct debits – all for free .

As with any high street business bank account, you will be able to conveniently manage the account via Online Banking.

Remember, you’re 100% guaranteed* to be instantly approved. Order today and receive your card and account & sort code numbers within 4-6 working days. It’s that simple!

Transform Your Business Today

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Service Benefits

Instant Access Account

Guaranteed Acceptance!

Cards sent within a few days

Opened within a few days

Bank Transfers

No Business Plan or Interview

Company Debit Card

Receive Merchant Payments

No opening Balance needed

Internet Banking

Direct Debits

Standing Orders

Ltd companies , Partnerships, Sole Traders

Conditions: CCjs, previous bankrupt, CVA’s IVA’s

Banking Solutions Simplified

Discover Our Banking Partners

At EACBS, we understand the importance of having a reliable business bank account for effective financial management. Explore our Banking Partners for a simplified process to choose the perfect business bank account tailored to your specific needs. If you own a company, simply import it into our Company Manager to unlock complimentary banking services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for the Guaranteed Bank Account service, and what types of accounts are available?

Guaranteed Bank Accounts are available for limited companies, partnerships LLPs, sole traders, personal accounts, and non/new residents. Our banking solutions cater to clients facing difficulties in opening business accounts due to CCJs, arrears, IVAs, defaults, or bankruptcy.

Can I manage the Guaranteed Bank Account online, and what is the application process like?

Yes, you can conveniently manage your account through Online Banking. The application process is hassle-free – just order your 100% GUARANTEED BANK ACCOUNT, and our specialists will handle the arrangements. No appointments are needed, and your card and account details will be delivered within 4-6 working days.

Are there any limitations to the Guaranteed Bank Account, and what conditions apply?

The account performs all functions except accepting cheques. It caters to limited companies, partnerships, sole traders, and individuals with conditions such as CCJs, previous bankruptcies, CVA’s, and IVAs. Enjoy instant approval and receive your card and account details within days of ordering.

*Note: Guaranteed acceptance is subject to certain conditions and criteria.