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Basic Package

Our Basic Package is a popular option when anyone wants to form a company. However the majority of our clients choose the Bonus Package due to its great value for money.


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What’s included

Embark on your business journey with our Company Formation Basic Package. This comprehensive package includes everything you need to kickstart your company, from  registration to essential  documents.

SAME DAY Incorporation

Registration for either Limited by Shares, Limited by Guarantee or Limited Liability Partnership.

Payment of all Government fees

Filing of all documents

Printed Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

3 Printed Copies of the Memorandum & Articles of Association

FREE Business Banking with Barclays or one of our other banking partners

Printed Share Certificate

Non geographic 0333 number

Posted First Class

Sent by Email

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re curious about the timeline for company registration, the associated costs, ongoing responsibilities, or anything in between, our aim is to equip you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

What's the timeframe for establishing an online limited company?

Our platform enables users to swiftly and effectively provide their details for limited company registration, and the majority of applications are typically reviewed within a span of three to six hours. For clients seeking an even faster option, we present a same-day formation service.

Just complete and submit your application prior to 2 pm GMT on any regular business day. Rest assured, our team commits to ensuring that Companies House grants official recognition to your company by day’s end. Furthermore, all pertinent official documentation will be promptly dispatched to your email inbox immediately upon successful company registration.

What other expenses come with running a limited company?

In addition to the initial registration fees, ongoing costs need to be considered. This includes hiring an accountant or bookkeeper for financial tasks like tax filing and preparing statements. Annual general meetings and keeping business records are legally required for limited companies, which might mean hiring a company secretary or using a professional service.

Furthermore, protecting intellectual property through trademark and patent registration comes with extra expenses. While the benefits of a limited company are substantial, it’s vital for business owners to carefully weigh all potential costs before deciding.

What's needed to set up a limited company?

When launching a new business, many key factors come into play. A vital step is selecting and registering your company name with Companies House. This name should be not just unique, but also reflective of your business’s values and identity. Alongside naming your company, you’ll need to provide personal details for each director or shareholder, including address, occupation, and birthdate. If a suitable business address is lacking, our virtual address services can supply the necessary registered office for your company.

What do I need to do after establishing a limited company?

Upon becoming a director of a UK limited company, it’s your duty to ensure the business complies with essential legal and financial requirements. This encompasses submitting yearly declarations to Companies House and maintaining thorough records of financial dealings. It’s crucial to promptly notify HMRC of any alterations to company information and meet tax obligations punctually.

Moreover, you’re responsible for adhering to regulations concerning employee rights, safety, and data protection. Your role as a director entails ultimate accountability for the company’s conduct, obliging you to consistently act in its utmost benefit.