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Leasing is a way of getting the use of vehicles, plant, and equipment such as computers and office fixtures, without paying the full cost at once. Operating leases are taken out where you will use the equipment for less than its full economic life, for example a car, photocopier, vending machine or kitchen equipment.

The leasing company, or lessor, takes the risk of the equipment becoming obsolete, and assumes responsibility for repairs, maintenance, and insurance. As the lessee, you are paying for this service so it is more expensive than a finance lease, where you lease the equipment for most of its economic life and maintain and insure it yourself. Leases can normally be extended, often for fairly nominal sums, in the latter years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary difference between operating leases and finance leases?

Operating leases are for equipment used for less than its full economic life, with the lessor assuming responsibility for maintenance and insurance, while finance leases involve leasing equipment for most of its economic life, with the lessee responsible for maintenance and insurance.

How does leasing differ from purchasing equipment outright?

Leasing allows you to use equipment without paying the full cost upfront, while purchasing involves paying the entire cost immediately.

What types of equipment are commonly leased under operating leases?

Equipment such as cars, photocopiers, vending machines, and kitchen equipment are commonly leased under operating leases.