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To take advantage of our online Company data retrieval service all you have to do is simply type in the name of the company you would like to search and press the submit button after all fields have been completed.

After we have completed scanning all of the 1.8 million registered UK Limited Companies we will then send you the results either by email or by post.




What’s included

Full company search £25

Company filing history showing all documents lodged at Companies House in the last four years Current annual return with full shareholders list

Full list of current and past directors and secretaries Details of mortgages and charges

Full company summary which includes incorporation date, compliance dates, company information and registered office Current accounts filed

Comprehensive company search £55

All of Full Company search Plus Full Credit check

Directors search £15

Shows all directorships held inc date, type, number, current and former appointments Shows full name, address, date of birth, nationality, occupation

We can also provide information relating to any of the following at £15 per document- Company Directors & Secretaries Accounts Registered office Mortgages and charges Annual returns Shareholders information

NOTE: Services and Products can also be ordered when using our COMPANY FORMATION SERVICE but if you prefer not to register a company please Buy from Our Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a Full Company Search, and what information does it provide?

A Full Company Search costs £25 and includes details such as company filing history, current annual return with a full shareholders list, list of current and past directors and secretaries, details of mortgages and charges, current accounts filed, and a comprehensive company summary.

How much does a Directors Search cost, and what details are included in the search results?

A Directors Search is priced at £15 and provides information on all directorships held, including dates, types, numbers, current and former appointments, as well as the full name, address, date of birth, nationality, and occupation of the directors.

Can you explain the process of receiving results after using the online Company data retrieval service?

After completing the necessary fields and submitting the name of the company for search, we scan all 1.8 million registered UK Limited Companies. The results are then sent to you either by email or by post.