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Business Starter Package

The Business Starter Pack we believe provides all of the essentials for a New Business to start trading as soon as it can.


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What’s included

Company Formation

SAME DAY Incorporation

READY to Trade

Registration for either Limited by Shares, Limited by Guarantee or Limited Liability Partnership.

3 Printed Copies of the Memorandum & Articles of Association

Printed Copy Of Certificate of Incorporation

PDQ Merchant Account (Optional)

Registered Office 12 months

VAT registration

Printed Copy Company Register

0333 number

Domain name registration

Web Hosting and Email for 12 months with support

Website -We will design a basic website and host it, this will enable your business the ability to expose itself throughout the internet with any enquiries being emailed directly to your own email address. All we need is you to do your part in providing any material and we will do our part in setting your business off in the right direction on the World Wide Web.

Accountancy/Payroll Starter Advice and Support.

Business Starter Package

Everything a New Business needs to get Going!

Included within the Pack to get you started is a Company Formation, Registered Office, Optional Barclays Bank Account, Website with Web Hosting, EmaiI and Domain name, 0333 non geographic Number, Starter Accountancy/Payroll Advice and may other useful products and services to help you an your Business.

How will it Help me?

We arrange everything so saving money and leaving you to concentrate on running your Business easing any stress with the first steps on starting a New Business.

Who would Benefit?

If you are considering starting a new Business this could be the most efficient way of getting it under way. It also could appeal to anyone who is looking for a second income or if you would like to start a fresh doing something you have dreamed about for years.

Optimize Your Finances

If you find yourself seeking a reliable partner to efficiently manage and oversee the intricacies of your accountancy requirements.

Still undecided?

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Banking Solutions Simplified

Discover Our Banking Partners

At EACBS, we understand the importance of having a reliable business bank account for effective financial management. Explore our Banking Partners for a simplified process to choose the perfect business bank account tailored to your specific needs. If you own a company, simply import it into our Company Manager to unlock complimentary banking services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Business Starter Package priced at £99 include, and how can it benefit a new business?
The Business Starter Package priced at £99 includes essential services such as Company Formation, Registered Office, Optional Barclays Bank Account, Website with Web Hosting, Email and Domain name, 0333 non-geographic Number, and more. It benefits new businesses by providing a hassle-free start, saving money, and allowing them to focus on running their business.
Who is the target audience for the Business Starter Package, and why might someone consider using it?

The Business Starter Package is designed for individuals considering starting a new business, offering an efficient way to kickstart their venture. It also appeals to those seeking a second income or those wanting to pursue a dream they’ve had for years.

What documents and services are included in the Company Formation part of the Business Starter Package?

The Company Formation part of the package includes SAME DAY Incorporation, registration for Limited by Shares, Limited by Guarantee, or Limited Liability Partnership, 3 Printed Copies of the Memorandum & Articles of Association, Printed Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, and more.

What optional features are available with the Business Starter Package, and how do they enhance the package?

Optional features include FREE Business Banking with Barclays and £50 CASHBACK, PDQ Merchant Account, and a basic website with design and hosting. These features enhance the package by providing additional financial benefits and establishing an online presence for the new business.